31 years of experience - trusted in more than 50 counties


When security really matters, and you are looking for more than an alarm system, then U-Prox is the answer to your security needs.  If you are serious about security, the safety of your family and the protection of your assets then look no further than the diverse solutions an U-Prox system can offer you at a very affordable price.  

U-Prox offers the newest technology available in wireless security solutions ranging from volumetric detectors to photo on demand detectors, from smoke detectors to water leak detectors and much more - all at your fingertips.

It is no wonder that U-Prox is trusted in more than 50 countries, and used by millions of user who are serious about their security.         


Stylish design

At U-Prox we believe that a security system should not be unpleasant to look at.

With a stylish design, the U-Prox system is not only functional but is also pleasing on the eye and complements in area of installation.

The robust design and manufacturing process sets U-Prox far ahead of its opposition.

U-Prox is not only the best wireless security solution money can buy - it is also the smartest!  


Easy to use

Many users of old technology alarm systems would rather not use their old system, as it is too complicated.  

U-Prox, through the use of smart keypads, key fobs and a user friendly cell phone app offers a solution that is easy to use without compromising on effectiveness and reliability. 

Take control

There are apps, and then there is U-Prox Home.   Particular attention was given when designing the cell phone application to make it the easiest user friendly app to use.

This allows you to take full control of your security system and to use it to its full potential, providing you with the security you deserve.

With real time notifications and video verification alerts you remain informed of the security status of your premises. 

In addition the app keeps you informed of the status of each component such as battery level, connectivity, temperature and much more.


Get your U-Prox today - you can't afford to be without it!

Contact your security company today -and let them install the security system you have been looking for all this time!